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Internal - Comments Policy

Effective Date: 15/07/2020

1. Welcome to our Community

We are dedicated to maintaining a respectful community that actively engages in lively discussions about technology, health, news stories and blog posts. Please keep the following in mind when writing your comments:

1.1 Respect Others

Please be respectful and polite to all members of our community, and other communities that might be covered by this policy. This also includes other commenters, authors and the subjects of articles. Also, keep in mind that there are real people reading your comments.

1.2 Safe Space

Above all, we believe strongly that the communities we serve should be a safe and welcoming space for all individuals, groups and their ideas. As such, any rudeness, insults, hate, racism, hostility, or negativity may be subject to removable and you may lose your ability to comment and/or access the content in the future.

1.3 Moderation

In order to provide a safe space for our community, and to protect our users, comments may be pre-moderated by our various teams before they are posted to the various websites we operate on.

Still have questions?

If you want to learn more, or have a different question please contact us on ([email protected]).